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Monday, August 01, 2005

War? What "war"?

Andrew McCarthy notes more politically correct posturing from ... The Bush Administration?

So, the folks who brought you "compassionate conservatism" now offer "The Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism." Perfect: A war that's not called a war for fear of making people think about war, which is waged against an enemy who is not identified for fear of offending mass-murderers and the people who coddle them, and which occurs everywhere on the planet so no one is left out, but nowhere specific so no one is put in.

I have another suggestion. Let's call it "The Thing Involving the Teeny-Tiny Number of People Who Made Certain Things Go Boom After Reading that Book that We Didn't Flush and Who Absolutely, Positively Do Not Represent the Vast, Enormous Majority of Very, Very Nice People Who Read the Same Book Without Making Anything Go Boom."

Note to Republican stategists in Washington: I didn't vote for your candidates on the strength of their PC catchphrases. I voted for "Bring it on." So let's say it plainly, ok?

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