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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today's "Watching America" moment: Terror propoganda in Iraq's newspapers

Watching America brings us this article from Iraq's Azzaman newspaper:

Where is the government?

[...]There is none of the prosperity, equity and hope that the government promised upon taking office nearly five months ago. On the contrary, conditions have deteriorated beyond anyone’s expectations. But still these officials love their chairs and stick to their money-spinning posts


A responsible government would have admitted its blunders, apologized to the Iraqi people and resigned to give way to more efficient leadership. But performance seems of little interest to our rulers. Prosperity, stability and security, once achieved, would undermine their true purpose.

Because if the bombs stop, food is made available, electricity returns, crime is checked and the country is back on its feet, the Iraqi people would then turn their attention to the most pressing issue - how to drive occupation troops out of the country.

Yikes! Talk about believing only the worst in people. Once "prosperity, stability and security" are achieved, it won't be neccesary to "drive the occupation troops out." We'll leave voluntarily. That's been the plan all along. But this author's last line proves that he clearly doesn't want anyone to believe that:

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that both the government and the occupation need each other, and that both thrive on our misery.

It's true that Iraq has a serious corruption problem. More elections are coming up soon, but the author never mentions them as a way to combat corruption. Instead, he's demanding resignations in order for some vague, unnamed "more efficient leadership" to focus on the "pressing issue" of "driving occupation troops out."

Hmmmm? I wonder who he could be talking about? I sincerely hope that the "more efficiant leadership" the author is wishing for doesn't accidently bomb him on his way to the newspaper office. They'd lose a valuable propogandist.

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