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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Thoughts on "Working Vacations"

Much has been made in the press about the President's cumulative number of "vacation days" spent in locations other than in close proximity to the White House Press Corps based in the capital. I must confess that I would indeed consider that a fine "vacation." But does anyone seriously contend that in this day and age, with the communication technologies now available, that any presidential vacation is anything other than a working vacation?

Here's an alternate theory. President Clinton, media's darling, stayed in Washington for most of his eight years in office because of easy access to the media, rather than difficult access to critical intelligence breifings.

Whereas President Bush feels no constraint to remain available to media types unwilling to follow him around. After all, he can fulfill his job requirements from pretty much any location in the world, and only the media would be inconvenienced.

So, is it any wonder that Bush's "extrordinary amount of time" spent on vacation, "more than any President in thirty years" is such a hot button issue with media types?

Hehe. Those who like to call Bush stupid, should well remember how easily Clinton manipulated them.

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