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Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Michael Yon report

Read it here.

The key to long term stability in Iraq is the Iraqi Security Forces, which are comprised of the Police, Army, Navy, Border Police and similar organizations. From a ground’s eye perspective, the ISF progress is remarkable. In Mosul, for instance, the ISF is fielding increasing personnel, and operations. Their success has had a few unanticipated consequences. US Army Captain Paul Carron recently reported that so many undercover police are operating in Mosul, that they have been arresting each other, sometimes accusing each other of possessing fake ID cards.

In a country where the previous government resorted to color photo-copiers to print the national currency, such credential related problems are unsurprising, even if they are unanticipated.

Carrying any Government ID card is serious business. Just this morning, insurgents were randomly stopping cars searching for persons carrying government identification—people carrying such ID often are killed on the spot.

My hat is off to the brave Iraqis who continue to step up to the challenges that face them. Especially those who have committed themselves to Iraqi defense. (Some excellent photos included in this report, as well.)

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