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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

In Vino Veritas - More booze in the news

- China Daily - Beer fountain warns us of moral decadence

Disturbing beer trend spotted in China:

The fountain is not only a tasteless promotional tool but also the manifestation of a trend that is of more concern than marketing professionals that lack imagination.

For some, the pursuit of affluence has become a drive for extravagance.

Society desperately needs to promote values that will encourage enterprises to use wealth sensibly and encourage citizens to abandon their dreams of unreasonably luxurious lifestyles.

"Tasteless?" Tasteless!? They have Bud Lite in China now? That is disturbing. And just my two cents, Bud Lite doesn't feature very prominently in my mental picture of "unreasonably luxurious lifestyles." (Via: Tim Blair)

- The Courier-Journal - Most cheer Sunday liquor sales

Not a bad article on reaction to our recently aquired permission to purchase a legal product on Sunday (only during certain hours, of course.) But who signed off on this sub-headline, "Customers pleased, but others protest"? Well, duh. I'd imagine the Protesting Customer is a rare breed, wouldn't you? And what about the Non-Protesting Non-Customer? Huh? Why isn't his voice being heard!

[I have a lot of fun with this feature. But I am working on a more serious piece about drug and alcohol policy. Mebbe tomorrow. - Kadnine]

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