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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"closest election in the district since 1974"

Veteran politician Jean Schmidt narrowly beats Marine veteran Paul Hackett in Ohio.

In a district that carried President Bush by a margin of almost 18 points, GOP strategists are sure to spend the next year analyzing why Schmidt only won by four.

UPDATE: Quick analysis at PoliPundit. "The good, bad, and the ugly of this."

UPDATE: Bill and the Commissar are upset with Rush Limbaugh for calling Hackett a "staff-puke."

As a self described "intel-puke" who was busy dodging mortars in Iraq, I can attest to the very real danger facing ALL service members there.

But Hackett is a politician now, and Rush is his rhetorical opponent. I suspect that if he has the guts to brave IEDs in Iraq, that he can hack a little name calling.

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