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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Christopher Hitchens is the most valuable asset we war-mongering, death-merchant defenders of Iraq could possibly hope for

Hitchens, a committed socialist, with whom I disagree on just about everything concerning economic policy, is proving himself to be my most staunch supporter, my mouthpiece, my eloquent defender. He's been going from network to network, paper to paper, defending the righteousness of our military efforts Iraq. What does he get in return from his fellow leftists?

"Is Christopher Hitchens becoming a fascist?"

That's right, anti-war types shake their heads in wonder and bandy about the term "fascist." Once upon a time, in a land far away, leftists used to support things like human rights and the toppling of dictatorships.

Hitchens understands the disconnect between old-school leftist values and the modern Left, whose fractured agenda has only one overlapping goal: to discredit President Bush. And so, for straying from the "smear Bush even if it means supporting a genocidal dictator" program, Christopher Hitchens gets labeled as a fascist (though, in a telling way, his accusers reveal their emotional distress at doing so by couching the accusation in the form of a question. "Is Christopher Hitchens becoming a fascist?")

(Via: LGF)

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