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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why they hate us: "Watching America" scans foreign news, so you don't have to

If you've not been checking in with Watching America, well, you should be.

English translation of an article in Al-Ray Al-Aam, a Kuwaiti publication.

Fifty Years of American Racism

The simple truth is that the United States is the one who forced us to hate and oppose it, due to its racist policies toward the Muslim world. The tragedies that we are seeing in the world today are irrefutable evidence of the barbaric nature of both political and military thought in America toward the Muslim world.


Let us now look at the Iraq issue. Complete military occupation: The killing of innocent civilians in Fallujah, Anbar and Baghdad; The use of severe torture on detainees in Iraqi prisons; Savage massacres that are occurring throughout Iraq with a blatant lack of legitimacy from the international community. In a nutshell, the United States has used its military juggernaut to kill and displace millions of people. This represents terrorism at its ugliest by a superpower against a nation, simply because that nation has natural resources!
For a second there I thought I was reading the New York Times or it's satelite paper, the Boston Globe! Many US journalists speak of the "need" to "discuss root causes" but this author espouses, in no uncertain terms, the view of America that many US journalists write only when they let their mask slip. "Root cause" of terrorism? American racism, of course.

The difference is that here, anti-American journalists are tolerated due to our Western tradition of freedom. Would an anti-Muslim journalist be similarly tolerated in the Mid-East?

If the U.S. and its Western allies succeed in their bid to democratize the Islamic world, this would bring the extermination of the last civilizations that have stood against the West and its ideologies.

Please, God, hear my prayer. May the best civilization win. Amen.

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