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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Speaking of "freedom of speech"

On March 20th, 2003 I crossed the berm into Iraq to help finish the job of deposing Hussein. On March 30th, 2003 Peter Arnett went on Iraqi State TV to pump up "Saddam's side of the story." He appeared on the Late Late Show Tuesday night.

[Arnett] told Craig Ferguson on Tuesday night's Late Late Show on CBS that he decided to stay in Baghdad because he presumed the U.S. would win quickly. But "this war is going on much longer than I thought -- it's two years with no end in sight."

It isn't Saddam who gives him his free soapbox. We do. (I'm not saying he should be silenced. Far from it. I'm saying he should be ridiculed. We have free speech just as he does. Peter's an ingrate. And a bore.)

(Via: the corner who, BTW, really doesn't care that much for Geena Davis' new series, Commander in Chief. "Doomed, doomed I say." - Jonah)

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