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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8... live blogging the performances

I didn't care for Madonna [London feed] all that much. I thought Bob Geldolf's introduction of the woman saved as a child by Live Aid twenty years ago was powerfull stuff. But Madonna had to go and ruin the moment by running up and kissing her on the lips. Those were the same lips that kissed Britany and Christina so how does a kiss mean much anymore when you know just where those lips have been? Cheap publicity stunt, Part X.


I'm a fan of Velvet Revolver [London feed], but what is up with that hat? Black pants, check. No shirt, check. Quasi-soviet cap, um, check? I liked the extended ending with the bird-wing arm posture ala Mick Jagger. Appropriate for a London show. Sounded great.


Sarah McLachlan [Philadelphia feed] is one of my favorite artists. As someone with wisdom once said, "Happy songs don't make sad people happy. Sad songs make sad people happy." I agree. It's the secret to her success. That, and talent. Lots and lots of talent.

Josh Groban? Don't know this guy singing with Sarah... He's good, though.

OK, Sarah's finished. Wow. If this is what she can do with just a piano and a mic, I'm really gonna have to shell out the bucks for her next concert.


Oooh! Jet [Toronto feed] is on right now.

They're pretty good live... I like the way they can sound like 70's punk on one tune, and the Beatles on the next. Oh, and this guy screams in falsetto... with perfect pitch.

Had to turn up the base a bit with the Toronto feed, but I've beeen consistently impressed with the quality of the AOL audio.

OK, signature song comin' up! Are You Gonna Be My Girl! (My volume won't go any higher.)

Nice finish. That's another group on my short list...


Is that Green Day in Philly? It is! God I hate that band! They're real American idiots. But it's nice that they lend their big audience pull to a good cause...


Millions of CSI fans are screaming right now for The Who [London feed.] Who Are You

Kidding. I've loved The Who since childhood when they were only middle-aged. Check out that guitar work! Pete and the gang have still got it! (That "it" being that undefinable "it" that makes great rock. We kids throw around "THAT ROCKS!" way too indescriminately.)

Next up... CSI: Miami! Won't Get Fooled Again. These guys are on fire, though it seems they know from where their money's coming these days...

The audience is clapping along... they love it! I do, too.

Oh. My. God. Great finish. I guess we'll have to wait for CSI: NY.


U2 [Philly feed] Missed it. Too busy watching The Who.

Rob Thomas up next... Just started.

I can see why so many people buy his albums. Matchbox Twenty never hit me in the gut, but Rob's voice is great on this opening song.

OK, this next song is why I won't be swinging by the record store. He needs to stick to the blues... (Of course, he can do whatever he pleases, I just won't be buying his stuff. Bring back ... Hold that thought!


Pink Floyd is on stage in London!

And it was everything that I had hoped for. Now that my dream has been fulfilled, my only hope is for a tour with Roger... alas it'll never happen.


That's the one that I was waiting for. I'm done. Goodnight.

(And I never thought I'd say this... Thank you AOL.)

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