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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Iraq War veteran running for congress

From the johnkerry.com dispatch that I just received:
Send the First Iraq War Veteran to Congress

Next Tuesday -- just five days from now -- Ohio can make history and provide genuine battle-tested leadership in Congress.

In the special election in the state's 2nd Congressional District, Paul Hackett, a proud Marine who bravely volunteered to serve America in Iraq, is running for Congress.

There are many reasons why America needs Paul Hackett in Washington not the least of which is this: At a time when Congress is making crucial decisions about U.S. policy in Iraq and veterans return home to find veterans' programs underfunded, we need the voice of a person who has lived through that experience. He'll be a voice for all our brothers in arms.

Even though I'm certain that his experiences in Iraq would serve Congress well in that no one else in Congress has fought in Iraq, I don't think it's accurate to say, "he'll be a voice for all our brothers in arms."

He doesn't speak for me. From the Washington Post:

Although Mr. Hackett initially opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq as a pre-emptive war that "set a bad precedent," he now says: "We're there now. My Marines are over there fighting. We can't cut and run ... I want to see what we're doing in Iraq work out."

If I were eligible to vote in Ohio... I would not vote for my fellow Marine, Major Hackett, but rather for Jean Schmidt.

For her part, Miss Schmidt has said that she supported the war from the beginning and that Iraqi troops must be trained to defend their country before the U.S. pulls out.

That philosophical difference is crucial to me. Major Hackett, while I appreciate his service, and appreciate his credentials, does not believe our reasons for invading Iraq were proper and appropriate. I do, and I don't want another congressman half committed to our mission in Iraq.

The "I didn't support the war, but now that we're there we shouldn't leave our boys hanging" view is a valid (and popular) one. I just disagree with it.

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