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Monday, July 25, 2005

In Vino Veritas - a continuing feature of "Booze in the News"

In which I attempt to keep you abreast of the latest developments for the world's second oldest vice.

- Wine may not be cause of better health

BOTTOM LINE: Wine drinkers' better health outcomes may not be primarily due to the wine -- but to their generally healthier lifestyles.
I'm strapping on my running shoes right now... Wait, no. It's 100 degrees outside! Maybe I'll see if that sangria is cold yet.

- Open Source Beer!

Reached for comment, Linux users were quoted saying, "Beer gooooood! Napster baaaaaad!" (NSFW)

Sunday liquor sales?

Oregon? Yes.

Washington? Yes.

Kansas? They're thinking about it.

Kentucky? Who knows.

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