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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"I am well acquainted with what goes on in basic training as well. And that is a sick, sadistic process all by itself."

He's onto us. While acknowledging the fact that "there are both good and bad people in the military" Bob has hit upon the terrible secret of US military dominance. We're evil... plain and simple.

And don't try any of our prearranged talking points about how we fight to preserve his right to hate us. Won't work. The jig is up. Bob's got us dead to rights.

Bravo, Bob. You've seen through our pathetic screen of "service" and "sacrifice" right to the heart of the matter. Empire. Our nefarious mission is doomed. How could we possibly carry on now that Bob has dragged our true motivations into the harsh light of day?

(Via: Bill)

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