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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Feminists For Life

The L.A. Times on Jane Roberts:

A close friend characterized her as an "extremely, extremely devout Catholic" who had enjoyed her antiabortion advocacy.

The Catholic News Service in Washington, which praised Judge Roberts and cited his government brief in 1990 challenging Roe vs. Wade, also spoke kindly of Jane Roberts.

"She has been active in Feminists for Life, and is a member of the board of governors of the John Carroll Society, a Catholic lay organization that sponsors the annual Washington archdiocesan Red Mass before the opening of the Supreme Court term," the news service said.

It also pointed out that if John Rogers [sic] were to be elevated to the Supreme Court, he would be the fourth Catholic justice on the current court, along with Clarence Thomas, Anthony M. Kennedy and Antonin Scalia.

Before Jane Roberts joined the board of Feminists for Life, the organization filed amicus briefs on abortion with the Supreme Court. Records show that the group filed briefs supporting the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act, a law aimed at limiting the right to abortions, particularly for minors.

I'd never heard of Feminists For Life before yesterday, when Marsha brought it to my attention. K-Lo likes them. That's about all I know. The tone of this L.A. Times article disturbs me just a bit. What is up with their chiding tone? "Well, you know she's Catholic, right?" Why in the hell should that even matter? Sheesh.

UPDATE: Laura Ingrahm is ripping this article on her her radio show, right now. "Whenever a liberal happens to be Catholic, then it's not an issue. Then you're a cool Catholic." Double sheesh.

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