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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Slow news day indeed

Slow enough to put my ugly mug above the fold on page one.

Bloggers let the world see their thoughts

Notice how the first pic seems shot around midnight and the second around noon. Actually they were both shot just minutes after 1 PM. But I don't want to quibble, they specifically asked if they could photograph me in the act of blogging. Action packed drama, right? A visually dramatic picture? Of blogging?

I wasn't certain I'd even be in the piece so imagine my surprise when my mother called me this morning that I was on the front page.

My thanks go out to Mr. Coomes and Mr. Clevenger, for the kind article and pictures.

UPDATE: If you're looking for my post about the "highly one-sided story concerning Marine recruitment efforts" quoted in the article it's located here.

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