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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Quick links - with an anti-Seinfeld bent

In which I attempt to give my readers a taste of the good stuff around the Blogosphere today... while maintaining my virulent hatred of all things Seinfeld.
"Neurotic white people living in New York? Nah. It'll never be a hit."
Howard Stern uttered those fateful words (or words similar) many moons ago. If only he'd been correct:

Lileks - "One of the mantras you hear invoked from time to time is 'words mean something.' But they obviously don’t."

I blame Seinfeld.

Smash - "Nobody signs up for the military with the expectation that they will never have to go in harm's way. This is absurd, and an insult to the intelligence of everyone who has ever worn the uniform."

Me? I blame Seinfeld.

Cavuto - "It’s not an American slavery memorial or “what we’ve done wrong in the world” memorial. It’s meant to remember people killed on Sept. 11, period — end of story." (Includes link to video)

Hey! Seinfeld's insiduous influence rears it's ugly head again. 'magine that.

Aylward - "N.Z. Bear's TTLB has been redesigned (and re-plumbed) from top-to-bottom, and it's better than ever. Check it out."

*sigh* Another perfectly good website succumbs to an almost Seinfeldian desire to update.

Penn - [To a gathering of Iranians] "I understand the nature of where [the "Death to America" chant] comes from and what its intention is. But I don't think it's productive because I think the message goes to the American people and it is interpreted very literally."

Hey, Sean? Does it ever occur to you that some people do mean it literally? You've been watching those re-runs again, haven't you. You know the ones I mean. Figures.

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