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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Operation Slugger

DHL is delivering more than half a million dollars worth of sports equipment for the troops downtown at the Louisville Slugger Museum right now. Think I'll pack up the blog for a bit and go join them. Maybe I'll snap a few pictures.
"Operation Slugger came about after Louisville Slugger received numerous e-mails from U.S. soldiers requesting baseball bats and gloves to replace equipment that had worn out from repeated use or for those troops who didn’t have any sporting equipment."
UPDATE: As promised, here's some pictures from this morning's send off ceremony.

It was a small but fun gathering. USA Cares, who helped organize Operation Slugger coordinating between the Army, the VFW, Louisville Slugger, and DHL had a cameraman taping individuals thanking the troops. I got a few seconds of face time, perhaps I'll be included on the DVD they're producing for each care package.

Mayor Jerry was there and at his signal, the DHL drivers fired off air cannons loaded with streamers. That was a crowd pleaser. I can't believe my luck in finding out about this ten minutes before it started! Wish I'd known about Operation Slugger earlier. Baseball in the desert... hmmm. Beats the hell out of the "Hammer Hole" we played for hours on end in 2003. (It doesn't take much imagination to guess the rules of that game. Dig hole. Back up. Throw hammer in hole. Repeat.)

(Tracked on the Gazette - Thanks Mrs Greyhawk!)

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