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Thursday, June 16, 2005

More on the Axel Cobb recruiting story

Stephen Spruiell posts emails about the Seattle Post Intelligencer's craptastic scare story. I'm quoted as is another Louisville veteran who states:

I note that Axel Cobb is reported to be 18 years old. I was in charge of enlisted recruiting for Navy Recruiting District Louisville in the early '90s. I had over one hundred recruiters in 41 stations in four states working for me. I don't doubt that those Marine recruiters did their best to politely ignore the mother. Legally she has no say. I fielded many calls from concerned parents wanting to know details about Johnny's enlistment. I tried to be tactful, but bottom line: it's none of their business. Indeed, it is a violation of the privacy act to discuss it with them. But then we treated 18-year-olds like adults.
I wish I knew this person's name. I'd love to shake this person's hand and thank him for cutting to the heart of the matter: The Seattle PI and other leftist outlets continue to sell this wrong-headed idea that our military sends kids off to die. That is so erroneous as to be offensive. The truth is that there ain't no "kids" in the military, only adult volunteers. We send our brave and patriotic volunteers off not to die, but to win! And to date, they've never failed us.

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