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Sunday, June 05, 2005

More draft nonsense: HuffPo edition

The Huffington Post is all atwitter over the non-existant draft. The "what if" handwringing begins with lunatic peacenik Jim Lampley. Jim boldly pats himself on the back for resisting the draft during Vietnam arguing that "the draft was the ultimate in racism and economic discrimination." But today, (long past conscription age himself, mind you) he claims the all volunteer Army is even worse [Worse than 'ultimate'? - Ed. Apparently] and is championing the return of the draft as a way for "greater penetration of the social fabric across the board, and with all parents having to consider at least the possibility of their children having to go."

End war through forced conscription? That's what I call parody-proof writing.

I know, I know. What you really want to know is how fears of a returning draft tie in with stem cell reasearch, right? Me too. Luckily, Bree Walker doesn't leave us hanging. "If Bush were to encourage California's stem cell agency to work faster and more furiously, we could crank out battallion after battallion of cargo gear-clad soldier wannajoins eager to be all that they can be." Tah dah! Problem solved in a single incoherent swipe of the pen.

Next up is Bill Diamond, who admires Lampley for his "testosterone" in burning his draft card, and remembers "feeling deeply conflicted" in the late 70's when his time came to register for the Selective Service. He further wonders "...given all the talk about the possible reinstatement of the draft, why aren't we hearing more from the nation’s campuses?" Indeed! Where are all the campus activists? Bill concludes with two possibilities. 1) "[C]ollege-aged students have become so narcotized by our entertainment-obsessed culture that they don’t see what may be headed their way" or 2) "[What] I’m perceiving as complacency and apathy is actually tacit approval" adding "But it sure doesn’t feel that way." [There's that word again. 'Feel' - Ed.]

Eugene Volokh proposes a third possibility, of course, and one I happen to subscribe to. Namely, "Perhaps college students aren't scared of the draft because they don't really trust the people who are trying to scare them."

Preach it, Eugene.

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