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Monday, May 16, 2005

Who needs Bin Laden when the enemy has Newsweek?

On May 9th, the self serving, egotistical bastards in the editing office at Newsweek decided that unsubstantiated claims of Koran desecration were fine and dandy for publication. Sixteen dead bodies later, now Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker says they might have made a mistake.

Ya think?

There's a reason why Bin Laden hasn't released any propaganda messages lately to inflame the so-called Muslim Street. Our own Media seem to be doing his job just fine. I'm with Glenn on this one:
Really, I don't want to hear another word about the superior "responsibility" of Big Media. Not one more word.
Author of the article, Michael Isikoff, is, at best, an unthinking moron. At worst, he's rooting for the destruction of the Western World. The truth is probably somewhere in between, but in any case it's clear that he has seriously damaged our country and undermined our efforts abroad. Whatever happened to "Bring the troops home now"? Well, looks like we'll be staying in Afghanistan a little longer cleaning up Isikoff's mess. Thanks a lot, Mike. Do you really want us to lose the war? If so, you can be proud to have done your part.

UPDATE: Newsweek officially retracts the story. Doesn't make sixteen people in Afghanistan any less DEAD. Doesn't change the fact the enemy has been handed the biggest propaganda piece since Abu Ghraib on a silver freakin' platter. But it's a start, I guess. Now what, Newsweek? How are you going to reestablish anything resembling trust?

UPDATE: Listening to Dennis Prager on the late night repeat here in Louisville. LGF was right. He is on f'n' fire with his analysis of this scandal. "Newsweek raped America. Yes I did use the verb rape. That's the level of damage they have inflicted."

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