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Thursday, May 12, 2005

"Oh, MY GOD, I’m babbling."

Classic Bleat today. You guyz. Seriously. Check it out.

I especially like his wish for post-boomer generations to enjoy a less iconoclastic reputation.
It makes you wonder if parents in 2045 will hear their child pronounce those new hovercars the shinizzle. Probably not. Ever since the boomers, it’s been nothing but fragmented demographic slices. [...] They have no Rolling Stones, no Beatles – and good for them. Their generations will be defined – if they’re lucky – by brief widespread shared memes, not self-important products of lightweight pop culture. What counts, after all, is knowing something that all your peers know about. Once upon a time it was the delicious theory that Paul was dead – listen to the album backwards, you’ll hear the clues! Now the common bond is something like “All Your Base [Are] Belong to Us,” which serves the same purpose. Something everyone knew at a certain time for a certain reason.
Thanks, James. Mad props to you. It's nice to know at least one man understands the totally bogus way the sixties were shoved down our collective throat. I love the Stones, don't get me wrong, but M*A*S*H was just never that interesting to me. I mean, it's cool and all that the producers figured out a conniving scheme to comment on the Vietnam war by setting the show in Korea, but it still looks like southern California to me. And Mork and Mindy? Don't even go there. Oh you so went there. It's on now!

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