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Friday, May 27, 2005

Huffington looks for an unequivocal answer on when we'll be withdrawing from Iraq

Unimpressed with Senator Clinton's answer of:
You know, I am not one who feels comfortable setting exit strategies
Arianna bemoans:
I’ve just decided that I do have a litmus test for the 2008 Democratic nominee: someone who can utter, in plain English, an unambiguous, unequivocal sentence about Iraq.
Hey, Arianna. How about this? When we've won, we'll come home. Definitive enough for you? If you'd been paying attention, Hillary's exit strategy sounds awfully close to that of the President. You know, it just looks bad when you can't get on the same page with Clinton OR Bush. What scenario are you hoping for? Some non-existant, dark horse martian candidate to appear in '08? One with your view that the war is bad (like Clinton) and yet wants us to lose? Think that'll fly with the public?

There are intelligent liberals in this country. Huffington is not one of them.

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