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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

FEC to run roughshod over bloggers

RedState tips us all to the danger facing political bloggers. Left Right or Center, whatever your political leaning, this should be on your radar. The FEC is considering whether or not to regulate your political speech online.
Time is running out. The public comment period for the FEC's proposed rulemaking regarding your freedom online ends on June 3rd. I can tell you that they have not yet received nearly as many comments as they expected.

There is a threat. You need to act.

More important - you as a blogger or just a reader have input the FEC needs. They need to know what sort of things you do (or will do) online.
Here's the letter I wrote:
To Mr. Brad C. Deutsch, Assistant General Counsel:

I am a small-time blogger who writes about political and cultural issues. The idea that my political voice, as expressed through my weblog, could be subjected to federal regulation during an election year, frankly fills me with dread. I am not financially affiliated with any one political party, nor do I intend to. I have candidates that I approve of, and candidates that I oppose, and I strenuously object to the notion of a federal agency governing my commentary. If, as an individual, I want to support or oppose a particular candidate by writing about him/her on my blog, that to me is the very definition of free speech.

As to the issue of incorporation, I don't plan to incorporate to divert liability. I'm an individual with opinions, and my weblog is my soapbox. I'm not an activist.

As to the issue of monetary contributions, my opinions are my own and I don't feel that "kind words" about a candidate that I happen to like constitute monetary consideration "in kind." Again, I'm not an activist. I'm just an American veteran, interested in politics, who appreciates the forum of the internet to express my opinions. The FEC should not take any action to restrict that forum.


Note: Your email will be considered only if you include your full name and mailing address. I know, I know. Anonymity on the net is an important issue. But to me, defeating this proposed legislation is even more important.

And if you haven't already, please consider joining the bipartisan Online Coalition dedicated to keeping the FEC from infringing free political speech.

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