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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Marines continue to be greeted home warmly in Bangor, Maine

L.A. Times:
Welcome Stop for Warriors
Locals in Bangor, Maine, are on a mission to greet every military plane, at any time, in any weather. Their tally so far: 200,000 troops.
After seven months as a Marine in Iraq, I remember touching down in the tiny Bangor, Maine airport in the middle of the night on my way home, and being greeted by the same group of wonderful supporters. Stephen King's father was there, handing out signed copies of his famous son's latest book. Even at 3 A.M. and with the shops closed, kind hearted ladies made sure we had cookies and coffee and huge coolers filled with iced down Cokes. I distinctly remember that my first Coke back on American soil (all we could get in Iraq was Pepsi) was handed to me by a charming, gray haired lady who's name, unfortunately, I'll never recall because I was so tired!

Apparently they're still at it. And I'm thrilled.

(Via: Michelle)

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