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Monday, April 11, 2005

in vino veritas

(Or: Why I will never run for office.)

Today's first post is a wino roundup:

Coming soon to a theater near you, the "Fahrenheit 9/11 of wine." I actually want to see this documentary... rent it I mean.

Ann Althouse points us to a story detailing how the movie "Sideways" is diverting business from merlot over to pinot noir.

Movie review of "Sideways" (in five words or less) can be found at Jeff's place. Come on... it's five words exactly. So short you can't say that I'm wasting your time.

Wine recomendations from this humble blogger:

- Thomas Winery puts out a quality product from the state of Indiana. If ever you're in Nashville, IN be sure to stop in their frontshop and give it the Pepsi Challenge. The Wife and I actually paid fifty dollars (the most ever!) for a bottle of Family Reserve. Worth. Every. Penny.

- Fat Bastard Shiraz. French company. Buy it for the name, and continue to buy it for the quality.

- Night Train (wine flavored malt liquer beverage.) Better than clear beer.

- And, as always, my two favorite brands of booze remain "cold" and "yours."

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