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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Seattle students host anti-war spectacle

The warning at the top of this post is "Don't read this if you have high blood presure."

Well, I ignored that sensible warning. And now I am too angry to even comment. Yet. Maybe later.

UPDATE: I am simply amazed that the three invited military guests ambushed at this high school had the self restraint to remain on property in an effort to educate these kids.

Me? I would have gone to the principle, taken out the picture of the Iraqi kids that I keep in wallet, explained the story of how before we Marines reached them they were the incarcerated children of Shi'ia dissidents, pointed out the blue sky above their heads, and expressed my hope that she explain to the spoiled brats of her high school what real dissent looks like. I'd leave the pic (not that it would do any good) before walking out the front door, shaking with frustration and, most likely, with tears in my eyes.

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