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Friday, March 18, 2005

"North Korean women are sexually happy women"

This short art film is the best thing I've seen this week. I'm not yet prepared to take it at face value, but the creators assure us that it's genuine.
It seems the Dear Leader is preoccupied with his country's negative image abroad —you know, mass starvation, concentration camps, nuclear bombs, drug smuggling, general craziness. He felt that it was the moment to introduce the world to an unknown side of North Korean humanity, one that we can all relate to, one that would firmly reestablish his people within the world community. We don't normally consider promoting, alone or in collaboration, political agendas (we're just a multinational), but the Dear Leader is a very persuasive guy. We cleaned up his English a bit.

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(via: boing-boing)

Oh, and never forget, capitalists...

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