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Friday, March 18, 2005

National Review roundup

NRO has the good stuff today:

Victor Davis Hanson on why it's apparently all "okey dokey" these days to elevate Adolf Hitler to the status of a modern US president.

Some choice quotes:

Like Prince Harry parading around in his ridiculous Nazi costume, quarter-educated celebrities who have some talent for song or verse know only that name-dropping “Hitler” or his associates gets them some shock value that their pedestrian rants otherwise would not warrant.


... so many of the mass demonstrators, who bore placards of Bush’s portrait defaced with Hitler’s moustache, are overtly leftist and so often excuse extremist violence — whether in present-day Cuba or Zimbabwe — if it is decorated with the rhetoric of radical enforced equality.


True, Bill Clinton brought the deductive haters out of the woodwork, but for all their cruel caricature, few compared him to a mass-murdering Mao or Stalin for his embrace of tax hikes and more government. “Slick Willie” was not quite “Adolf Hitler” or “Joseph Stalin.”

Read it all for it is good.

Next up is a rehash of Jonah Goldberg's 2001 piece about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reservation, the hottly disputed, "pristine paradise" that our senate finally agreed needs desecrating in order to lessen our dependance on terror-sponsoring nations in the Mid East. Good on ya, senators. (Warning: Jonah's first-hand descriptions of that frozen, unsanitary, utter hellhole will make your skin crawl. Warble flies? **shudder**)

Finally, Jim Geraghty checks in from his new digs in Turkey. With pictures!

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