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Friday, March 11, 2005

Blog your way through college

A ways back I commented on GotDesign's essay on the Information Reformation:

I said -
Some things that have occured to me over the years: (1) hyperlinks are lightyears beyond footnotes. And (2) digital copy is better than print-out in detecting plagarism. A professor could simply google suspicious phrases by cut-and-paste. (3) What about a blogger account for every student in a college class? That way the professor could click each blog and review assignments in progress, give feedback, and finally grade each student lightening quick. All without the geographic limitations of office hours. (Face to face meetings remain valuable, of course, but class blogs could allow professors to assist a greater number of students.

GotDesign pointed out that the University of Louisville already has a service called the Blackboard "which allows for online collaboration within given classes."

Now Hugh Hewitt points me to the the phenomenom of wickis, essentially open class blogs. Aparently I am already horribly behind the times with my forward-thinking ideas!

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