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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Legitimate criticisms of the Bush administration

He's weak on the deficit. (Compassionate conservatisism apparently means "regular" conservatisim with the spending limits off. War or no war.)

He's weak on immigration. (The border is a sieve and nothing that the President has said so far convinces me that he's going to do anything about it.)

He's weak on education. ("No Child Left Behind" is a joke. Throwing more money at the problem is not a solution. See criticism number one.)

He's weak on abortion. (That's right, he's weak. An extreme anti-abortion stance is easy to maintain. But if you never mention the fact that no credible anti-abortion group advocates the view that abortion is immoral even to save the life of the mother and you look like a simpelton. And rightly so.)

He's weak on national defense. (Again, that's right, he's weak on national defense. The Department of Homeland security is extraneous and silly. The very real problems of our defense agencies not being able to talk to each other are better addressed by a more narrowly drafted Patriot Act... not a new arm of executive beaurocracy.)

He's weak on gay marriage. (YES! He's weak on homosexual relationships. In the minds of the majority of Americans, homosexuals should not yet receive the same status as heterosexuals. In my mind he's playing it safe. The tide is shifting on this. The majority may be on his side today, but I see the future. And the future includes gays, dammit.)

He's weak on Europe. (His recent love-fest tour of Chirac's Europe not withstanding, the fact of the matter is that the most powerful nations of Europe are not with us. Never have been, never will be. Each nation works for it's own interests, which is as it should be. As the nations of Europe band together to challenge the U.S "hyper power," we should remind the borg-like collective of Europe that the U.S. values independant nations with honest negotiations and an independant identity.)

(NOTE: I accidentally 'posted' instead of 'saved' this afternoon. Here is the rest of the post.)

It is NOT a legitimate criticism of the Bush administration if it includes the words Hitler, chimp, shrub, fascist, moron, evil, imperialism, junta, cocaine, conpiracy, or torture.

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