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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hollywood goes to war

Via Drudge:
With America at war, Hollywood follows

Not since World War II has Hollywood so embraced an ongoing conflict. It took years for pop culture to tackle the Korean and Vietnam wars, and it took time before the country was ready to be entertained by those politically charged conflicts.
This is not a well written article. If the factual content is to be believed, it will be interesting to see what comes of the dozen or so film and television projects listed. But the author's "insightful" cultural comments are pretty juvenile.
But not any and every angle of war is being depicted. One aspect is glaringly absent from most projects: negativity. The U.S. soldier is the hero; his cause is just. Storylines featuring the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal or war protests are no-nos.
I'd say, "Great!" but the author obviously doesn't agree. The above paragraph follows this:
With no resolution in sight, Iraq remains a timely backdrop. Audiences are hungry for glimpses of history in the making. March 19 is the war's second anniversary.
Not to worry USA Taoday! The BBC has got your negative views right here:
C4 lines up Guantánamo-style torture show

The Guantánamo Guidebook will recreate some of the practices used at the US naval base where hundreds of so-called "enemy combatants" have been held without trial or access to lawyers for nearly three years.

Using an east London warehouse and declassified internal documents obtained from US sources, programme-makers mocked up conditions as they are inside Guantánamo, before subjecting seven volunteers to some of the milder forms of torture alleged to have been used by US authorities.

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