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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Christo is a pompous ass...

... who rationalizes his gimicky "art" with the fact that it's totally self-financed. Great! As if we won't see through to the fact that by ponying up his own dough, he's thinks he's immune to meaningful criticism. "The Gates" are dumb. Period. God only knows how he managed to get the city of New York to lend legitimacy to his project by allowing him (even temporarily) to alter Central Park. I hope New York likes it as it doesn't directly affect me here in Kentucky. But I feel for the poor New Yorker whose artistic tastes don't run along the same lines as Cristo and his wife.

UPDATE: Now this is art I can get behind!

UPDATE: Ann Althouse rounds up some reactions to "The Gates" that actually look like interesting reading. Seems many skeptics are being won over. But I add for the record that I remain unconvinced. "Is anything art if done on a grand enough scale?" The answer is no.

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