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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Berlin Wall's Revenge

Today's must read is Nelson Archer, whose grasp of the "big picture" is impressive.
In the same way as the murderers of 911 used the West’s technology against itself, the contemporary left will do its best to turn democracy into a suicidal pact. This is already being done, obviously. The fight for Guantanamo Bay is, in many ways, as important as that for Baghdad. And, whenever a British born terrorist is released and sent back to the UK, to be joyfully acclaimed by the pages of “The Guardian”, “The Independent” or through the waves of the BBC, that fight is being lost. Radical Islam is being given one more tactical victory and the left’s strategy is being vindicated.
Gitmo is the new black among the American Left. They invoke the sacred name of this small naval station as a symbol of all the mistakes, blunders, missteps, and debacles of the Bush administration. Gitmo is a symbol. It's a symbol that could stand for some of our greatest successes... if we fight for it. Eventually I'd like to see Afghanistan and Iraq retain more control over captured terrorists. Until then, Gitmo is what we've got folks.

(h/t: Instapundit/LGF)

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