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Friday, January 07, 2005

Kid Rock uninvited to Bush inauguration?

Michelle Malkin (who I agree with most of the time though she is well to the right of my views on most social issues) is joining the protest against rocker Kid Rock's posible upcoming concert:
Many social conservative groups have launched a protest against the White House inauguration committee's decision to invite Kid Rock to perform Jan. 18 at the Washington, D.C., Armory in a concert hosted by Bush daughters Jenna and Barbara.
Michelle then lists a number of conservative groups that have joined the protest, followed by this sentence:
I applaud them. Some "South Park conservative-" types are ridiculing the protesters. "Lighten up," they say.
Unfortunately Michelle provides no links to anyone "ridiculing" these protesters. I'm not saying that it's hard to imagine anyone ridiculing these protesters, I'd just like some quotes, you know?

Meanwhile the original news story admits that Kid Rock would perform as part of a "youth concert" presumably separate from the more formal parts of the ceremony. And that "The music planned for the actual inauguration ceremony will be decidedly more mainstream. It includes performances by the U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club, the U.S. Marine Band and mezzo-sopranos Denyce Graves and Susan Graham."

This really sounds like a non-issue to me. If this was the President's first inauguration, then maybe I could see a political reason to cancel the Kid. It certainly would've been an emabarassment to the President's re-election campaign to give the Democrats such a retort to Bush's evangelical roots. (Puts me in mind of Clinton's assinine saxophone exploits and his infamous Rock the Vote MTV apperance in which he admitted that he "would have inhaled" had he done it all over again. The only difference is that Clinton could get away with such gaffes. Bush could not. I think he's learned much from his father's "read my lips" fiascos.)

I say we ought to let the Bush twins (sponsors of the youth concert) have their fun. After all, as MTV's Rock the Vote and Howard Dean's web campaign prove... the youth don't vote anyway.

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