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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Conspiracy Theory Saturday - Vol. 1 No. 1

In keeping with such long standing traditions as Friday night cat blogging, I hearby announce the addition of a new feature here at KADNINE. Conspiracy Theory Saturday!

That's right! Here at KADNINE I promise to bring you news of of the most interesting "secret" plan that I can find. Sometimes with commentary, sometimes presnted "as is" so you, the reader, can decide for yourself.

First up:

A Very Special Effect
Looking at the latest pictures of pre-election violence in Iraq, this little gem fairly leapt out at me. Look at the pictures carefully, then read the analysis below.

Interpretation: One, this was staged, the particulars of the bomb ensure it will be ineffective and safe from the distance from which it was photographed, but visually spectacular. The people running are most likely also staged. Two, the reporters were invited to see it. Three, they knew it was staged. My only question: who are these photographers - Ali Jasim, Ali Al-Saadi and Khalid Mohammed - really working for?

Color me intrigued. As DRUDGE would say... developing...

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