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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A collection of quotes.

I'll admit it. I sorta hero-worship this guy. Lileks is just plain smarter than I am.

The Evidence:

"They (the vulcans)have statues and chants and monasteries and devout unblinking acolytes who are Very Serious, but no God. It's like Amway with Gregorian Chants."

"[M]orals depend on whether someone's taking notes? Think, fool! Settle these issues now! Post the damn Bleat and watch Judge Judy!"

"[S]ounds cool the first time you hear it, and ends up being the audio equivalent of a wad of tinfoil on a filling.

"I had a vision of Frank from “Blue Velvet” taking hits off the gas mask. Has he gone mad?"

"'Is that rock and roll?' she asked. Yes, my child. Yes it is."

"Sometimes, real American life in black and white looks like a Gieger painting. Big sleek shiny black things moving in the dark:"

All I want in life is to write like Lileks. He's the "Mike" that "everyone wants to be like." At least among politico-cultural nerds like me.

UPDATE:Tanya at Redsugar Muse has her own reasons to read The Bleat.

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