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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Can you say BAD IDEA?

via: ace

After days of delay, the Indonesian government has finally allowed U.S. Marines to expand their assistance efforts in what is the region hardest hit by the tsnami. Why so long?

In a major compromise, the Marines agreed not to carry guns while on Indonesian soil and for the vast majority of troops to return to ships stationed off the coast after each day's operations.
Just who negotiated that gem of a deal?

US: "Please let us in to save countless numbers of your nation's population! Look! We have food, clean water, road building equipment, medicine... the works!"

THEM: "No. Put down your guns and maybe we'll let you ferry a few aid workers by helicopter."

US: "Done!"

Sigh. And we'll do it, too. 'Cause we're saps.

UPDATE: via: Captain Ed. The Aussies are saps as well.

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