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Thursday, January 20, 2005

14 Ted Rall cartoon punchlines in one editoral!

In what is maybe the grossest example of the "hate America first" attitude of today's mainstream opinion writers, Susan Lenfestey of the Star Tribune puts today's inauguration in "perspective..."
As the Republican Congress gets ready to underfund everything from Head Start to veterans' benefits, Speaker Dennis Hastert checks his profile in the mirror.

As Pfc. Francis Obaji, oldest son of an immigrant Nigerian family, is zipped into a body bag for the sad journey home, Laura Bush zips up her Oscar de la Renta gown.

And as his corporate pals slide their millions across the table to dance at his ball, forgetting for a moment the bottom line that forces them to ship jobs overseas, George W. Bush pulls on his snakeskin boots.
(h/t: Powerline)

UPDATE: Seems ABC was onto this meme yesterday. Anything to keep last year's November victory from overshadowing the "real" issues, right?

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