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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

You mean we lied to the enemy!?

via Drudge
L.A. Times On the evening of Oct. 14, a young Marine spokesman near Fallouja appeared on CNN and made a dramatic announcement. "Troops crossed the line of departure," 1st Lt. Lyle Gilbert declared, using a common military expression signaling the start of a major campaign. "It's going to be a long night." CNN, which had been alerted to expect a major news development, reported that the long-awaited offensive to retake the Iraqi city of Fallouja had begun. In fact, the Fallouja offensive would not kick off for another three weeks. Gilbert's carefully worded announcement was an elaborate psychological operation — or "psy-op" — intended to dupe insurgents in Fallouja and allow U.S. commanders to see how guerrillas would react if they believed U.S. troops were entering the city [...] Officials at the Pentagon and other U.S. national security agencies said the CNN incident was not an isolated feint — the type used throughout history by armies to deceive their enemies — but part of a broad effort underway within the Bush administration to use information to its advantage in the war on terrorism.
Hey Media! You're just now getting around to realizing that you're a tool to be used by a savvy and resourceful US Military? Don't you remember "shock and awe?" Where was the shock and awe you repeated ad nauseum for weeks before the war opened with pinpoint bombings of strategic installations? Wake up and smell the napalm. We need your services.. on OUR side for a change. Sheesh.

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