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Thursday, December 23, 2004

This is why webcams scare me.

Did this guy know he was being filmed? And if he did... isn't that even more sad? The song he's singing along to is apparently the newest Romanian pop-tune craze sweeping through western Europe. I'm frightened. Seriously. Seriously. Frightened. For the stout of heart, the video is here.

UPDATE: A friend writes:
Awww, I kinda thought it was cute. ;)
That's the problem! It's infectious... like... uh... like a newly birthed Macarena II, Electric Boogaloo! Do you really want that? Do ya?

Didn't think so...

UPDATE: Gotta go now. I feel a sudden urge to dance my blues away. You see what damage this thing hath wrought? I used to be Goth, damn it.

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