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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I remember Martha...

When Martha Stewart first got into trouble after trying to cover up her shenanigans, I remember watching the Biography special that A&E hastily aired. (It might have been an old production with updated material added at the end. I don't really know.) There was this facinating story at the end, told by an old friend of hers, about a late night dinner at an upscale chinese resteraunt in New York. According to this friend, Martha pulls a pair of exquisite chopsticks made of silver from a velvet carrying case. When complimented upon the chopsticks she explains how when she was travelling, she saw them and just had to have them. The shopkeeper explained to her how in fuedal China, silver chopsticks were a symbol of your class and that the thinner and more delicate your chopsticks, the higher your station in life. "Of course I had to buy the thinnest ones!" laughs Martha. But then she pauses, the smile temporarily slips from her face and she says quietly, "That's why they hate me... Isn't it?"

It was then that I screamed at the TV, "No Martha! That is why we hate you. That you can know the reason and still not change!"

And now it seems not even prison can humble God's gift to scrapbooking. (sigh) I give you Martha's Christmas Greetings.

(h/t: Glenn)

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