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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The CP is flat out WRONG!

What the hell is the Canadian press trying to prove? That they're morons? Or that they think their readers are morons?

U.S. killed unarmed Iraqis, war-dodger hearing told

The story starts out thusly:

"TORONTO (CP) - A former United States marine told a refugee hearing for an American war dodger Tuesday that trigger-happy U.S. soldiers in Iraq routinely killed unarmed woman and children, and murdered other Iraqis in violation of international law."

And to back up the claim that the U.S. commits war crimes:

"On several occasions, his soldiers pumped hundreds of bullets into cars that failed to stop at U.S. military checkpoints, killing all occupants - who were later found to be unarmed, Massey said."

I was there when the rules of engagement were changed to permit the use of deadly force on vehicles attempting to run through Marine checkpoints. It was a direct result of the terrorists hijacking ambulances and taxis for suicide bombing runs against coalition forces. Who's guilty of war crimes again? Oh, yeah... America, of course.

This testimony is intended to defend the actions of this man:

"Hinzman, 26, deserted his regiment in January just days before being deployed to Iraq, and fears he will be unfairly court-martialled if returned to the United States."

"Unfairly court martialled?" I sincerely hope so.

UPDATE: Damn. Every time I post something it turns out someone does it better and firster. Michelle Malkin has much more on this story.

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