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Friday, December 10, 2004

Allawi for ambasador?

Michael Rubin at NRO has a critique of interim Prime Minister Allawi that doesn't seem to drip with hatred for the man personally (which is a rare, rare thing):

The Iraq embassy in Washington is a symptom of many Allawi problems.


Because Allawi's support lies not in Baghdad but in Washington, some Iraqis suggest that the interim prime minister is hesitant to appoint any intermediary who might dilute his access. Perhaps this is a shrewd political move on Allawi's part, but it is also a selfish one — it slights the thousands of American soldiers who have sacrificed for Iraq, as well as the American taxpayers who have subsidized Iraq's liberation. Then again, Allawi's decision to leave the post vacant does have one advantage: It gives the interim prime minister a retirement option after the January 30 elections.
Personally, I like the guy. He cuts a fine image as a reformer brought back from exile, eager to do the right thing by the Iraqi people, and he's got the fascinating stories of Ba-athist attempts on his life to back up that image. I'll confess that I haven't looked vary hard at his mistakes. Mainly due to my mistrust of the messengers. (The NYT, WaPo, L.A. Times, Globe, etc.)

As for the upcoming January elections I'm actually pulling for the newly founded Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party . Read their incredible story here.

UPDATE: Iraq the Model bloggers Omar and Mohammed meet with President Bush!

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