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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

News thoughts...

James Lileks weighs in on Dan Rather's [pseudo] resignation, concluding that...
"The news was like oil – pumped from select locations, refined by a few big companies. Now it’s water – plentiful, ubiquitous, available in dozens of forms. Bottled, tap, precipitation, dew, spittle, you name it. Oh, but are we really better informed?"
I think he might be onto something. I'm continually amazed that while I read six newspapers a day online, listen to talk radio, and look every day for topics and links for this weblog, my wife subscribes to only the weekend edition of our local paper. Yet she knows as much if not more than I do about current events.

What this means is still up for grabs.

BTW, if you're not reading James' The Bleat, you don't know what you're missing. Star Trek fan? Read him. Film noir fan? Read him. Are you a father? Are you a collector? Just go read him.

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