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Friday, November 12, 2004


The charmingly tolerant folks at A.N.S.W.E.R., effective as always, managed to detain and harrass a few lost Marines on their way to a Frickin' Veteran's Day parade in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Up from Camp Pendleton and unfamiliar with the area, two USMC Stryker Light Armored Vehicles (sorry, Army drives Strykers) missed their exit and were circling the block and asking directions to the Westwood VA building. They stumbled upon an anti-war rally and were greeted with cries of "Block the tank!" and "Bring the troops home now!" Finally, police had to push protesters out of the street to allow the Marines to... ahem... MoveOn.

"Tanks! They're sending in tanks!"

"Well.. you know... maybe not, real tanks.

Video of the incident is here.

Sorry, guys. Your dreams of firehoses and tear gas continue to go unfulfilled. *giggle* The 60's are over. It's time to face facts.


UPDATE: The conspiracy nuts aren't buying it.

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