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Friday, November 26, 2004

Being "libertarian" means never having to say you're sorry...

... or "Why I am a conservative."


After reading several posts by self-labeled libertarians about why they're not prudish conservatives (though I think they do a great service to some of our mutual goals,) I feel the need to explain why I identify with the conservative movement underway in America.

Here's five reasons why I love conservatives;

1 - Conservatives are unashamedly pro-military. A conservative American intuitively "gets" the purpose behind the good work we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. 50 million world neighbors liberated is a good thing. They see our armed forces as a force for good, not evil.

2 - Conservatives value traditions in a way that other American groups do not. A Marine never carries an umbrella while in uniform. You don't have to explain this to a conservative. Without ridicule, he/she just understands that traditions have value for their own sake. The phrase "traditional values" is a source of contempt among America's Left. To the Right, it's a source of pride.

3 - The mouthpiece of the the conservatives, the Republican Party, is more inclusive of dissenting views than the Democrats or any other fringe independent party. The Democrats have pushed out their center and center-right voices for the last thirty years. Meanwhile the Republicans can still boast high-profile, socially liberal politicians who actively and effectively support the party as a whole.

4 - Only the the conservatives proudly proclaim the truth of American exceptionalism. Currently the world's only super power, conservatives understand that we did not get to where we are by emulating the less successful programs of other countries.

5 - Only the conservatives have the balls (yes, the BALLS) to state that there is absolute evil in this world. While recognizing that the problems now facing the world are often complex, conservatives believe that the solutions can often be simple. Others frequently mistake this view as "simpleminded." It's not.

To me, these modern day libertarians are trying to have it both ways. "I'm not a liberal because I support a strong military in today's global situation. I'm not a conservative because I support gay marriage."

We're a two party system, guys. Pick a side. Please.

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